RIA conducts seminars, workshops and customised in-house training to drive effective communication and brand-building strategies.

Effective maximisation of digital marketing

  • Which social media platforms?
  • Cost-effective brand-building

Transformation communications

  • Supporting organisational development - 2-day workshop

Multi-lingual campaign management

  • Multi-lingual communication campaign management for South Africa and the continent - 5-day course

Crisis communications management

  • For organisations and public figures - 1-day seminar

Social Media Governance

  • RIA provides training in all aspects of social media governance and devises crisis communication strategies
  • RIA provides training in policy and legislative approaches to social media on the continent. We advise enterprises with a continental footprint
  • Policies and procedures required for effective social media governance.

Reputation management

  • 2-day workshop

Creative content

  • Creating communication campaigns - 3- day workshop

Employees as ambassadors

  • How to leverage internal human resources to enhance your brand - 1-day seminar